Video-Library of Conference Presentations

Video-Library of Conference Presentations

A link to the entire video-library of conference presentations can be found here:


Links to individual sessions and talks are below:

Seeking Contact and Predictors of Contact (Chair: Rhiannon Turner) – Talks Session 1

Emotions, Motivations, and Action in Contact (Chair: Fiona Barlow)  – Talks Session 2

Negative Contact and Valence Asymmetries (Chair: Stefania Paolini) – Talks Session 3

Indirect Contact and Affect (Chair: Ángel Gómez) – Talks Session 4

Developmental and Intimacy-Building Processes in Contact (Chair: Fiona White) – Talks Session 5

Generalization Processes (Chair: Oliver Christ) – Talks Session 6

Technological and Analytical Advancements (Chair: Linda Tropp) – Talks Session 7


NB. all presenters linked here consented to their video-presentation to be posted.


Compiled by Timothy Lang and Stefania Paolini, the University of Newcastle, Australia 14/04/2020