SASP 2024 abstracts and program

In brief, the SASP 2024 schedule includes:

  • 24 November, Sunday:  Pre-conferences & Opening Reception
  • 25 November, Monday: Conference all day with an early start
  • 26 November, Tuesday: Conference all day with an early start; Conference Dinner
  • 27 November, Wednesday: Conference half day; Post-conferences

Remember to book your accommodation nice and early as SASP 2024 will take place during a parliamentary sitting week.

We look forward to seeing you in Canberra later this year!

Charlie Crimston, Michelle Ryan, and the 2024 SASP Organising Committee

Abstract submissions

We are pleased to announce that the abstract submission portal is now open for the 2024 SASP conference in Canberra.

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Abstract requirements

We are welcoming presentations in four formats:

  • Poster presentations
  • Data blitz presentations (5-minute talk with shared question time at the end of the session)
  • Individual presentations (10-minute presentation with 5 minutes for questions)
  • Symposium (4 presentations, one of which can be a discussant, each with a 10 + 5-minute timeslot)

When you submit your abstract, you will be asked to indicate your first preference presentation format, as well as other presentation formats you would be open to accepting.

Abstracts can be a maximum of 250 words.

Please note that you can only submit one abstract as a first/presenting author, but you can be a co-author on multiple presentations. You can also be a discussant in one symposium and a presenting author in another. If you are chairing a symposium, then you must submit the presentation titles and details of presenting authors for all of the papers in that symposium.  

Submit an abstract

We will be accepting submissions up until 11:59 PM Thursday 15th August AEST via the abstract submission portal. Abstracts can be a maximum of 250 words.

Abstract enquiries

If you have any questions or encounter any issues with the abstract submission portal, please contact Alex Fisher () or Ho Huynh ().

Conference program

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SASP 2024 pre-conference

Four potential pre-conference rooms have been secured for 9-5pm on Sunday the 23rd November 2024. These rooms range in size for a capacity of 50 to 100 and are suitable for talks and workshops depending on how you want to arrange the chairs.

Pre-conferences can run the full day or half day to allow for travel on the morning of the 23rd (which may be a popular option given the cost of accommodation, especially on the Saturday night). The rooms are free so the only costs involved would be if you decided to provide lunch/snacks/coffee etc for attendees. 

If you are interested in hosting a pre-conference, please send a brief one pager to Michelle Ryan () outlining the broad topic, the aim of the pre-conference, approximate number of attendees, and the the organisers. 

SASP 2024 post-conference on Environmental Psychology

Upscaling environmental psychology for social and policy change, the SASP Post-conference on Environmental Psychology in conjunction with the 2024 Annual SASP conference, will be held the afternoon of Wednesday 27th November 2024 1-5pm, Canberra, Australia.

We live in a critical time for a range of environmental issues, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and air pollution. Many of these environmental issues are driven by human behaviour and therefore the focus within social psychology has often been upon encouraging individual-level attitudinal and behavioural pro-environmental change. Yet what is often missing from these conversations is also the need for societal and policy change to help us transition towards a fairer and more sustainable future. Thus, exploring how to facilitate social change, policy change, and systemic change is of critical importance for social and environmental psychology researchers working inside and outside of academia.

Given this, we will be organising a half day post-conference event on the afternoon of Wednesday November 2024 (1-5pm) to advance conversations in this area and to facilitate the sharing of research problems. Given the increasing rate of environmental focused presentations at SASP the last few years, we also seek to develop a small research group/collective focused on environmental psychology topics. We invite social psychology researchers (at any career stage) with an interest in applying their work to climate change/environmental issues to attend, and especially strongly encourage the attendance of PhD students and EMCRs working in this space.

More specific details regarding the schedule will be released soon. However, the afternoon will involve several 20 minute keynote presentations, a series of lightening talks (3-5 minutes in length) where people can share their work in progress and issues to resolve in this area, then an interactive workshop/discussion session to end the day. 

Please direct any questions on this post-conference to Samantha Stanley (), Anna Klas (), Zoe Leviston () and Iain Walker (). 

Stay tuned for details about the conference program, plenary sessions, and keynote speakers by subscribing to the SASP mailing list.