Postgraduate Information

Hi SASP Postgrads!

Welcome to the Postgraduate Information page. Here you can find information about our member list, upcoming events calendar, and Teams page.

Member List

Our Member List is a ‘contact book’ of sorts to help fellow SASP postgrad students find and connect with each other. Our Member List can be used for three main purposes:

  1. Finding out about other SASP postgraduate members and what research they are doing.
  2. Assisting collaborations/connections between SASP postgraduate members.
  3. And of course, in case you need some help remembering the names of people you spoke to at various events or conferences. 

If you would like to be added to the Member List or would like your current information changed, please fill out a request here: 

Access the Member List using this link:

Upcoming Events Calendar

We are aiming to have some SASP postgraduate events over the next year (e.g., online masterclasses with guest speakers, shut-up-and-write sessions etc.), along with the upcoming SASP 2022 Conference. You can find out when these events are happening by looking at our Upcoming Events Calendar.

Access the Upcoming Events Calendar using this link:—_HAxoH1eiG05rn7qCjfDDSb/pubhtml

If you would like to run an event for SASP postgraduate students in your local area (e.g., a shut up and write session for SASP postgrads in Brisbane), please contact Maddy Slegers (the SASP postgraduate rep for 2022/2023) at so that she can add your event to the calendar.

Teams Page

We have a Teams page available to our postgraduate members. The Teams page contains channels to discuss research ideas, give hints about participant recruiting methods, celebrate achievements, and receive helpful advice from fellow members.

Please email Maddy () if you wish to be added to the Teams page.