Margaret Foddy Postgraduate Travel Award

The Margaret Foddy Postgraduate Travel Awards provide financial assistance to postgraduate student members who wish to attend SASP conferences. SASP is pleased to offer five $300 awards to postgraduate students to assist with their travel costs to the SASP conference.

Decisions regarding the distribution of the awards will be based upon answers provided to the questions on the attached two-page Application Form and applicants’ accompanying CV. These decisions will be made by members of the SASP Margaret Foddy Postgraduate Travel Award panel, and will be final.

Although we recognise the variable and multidimensional nature of fairness, we will, nevertheless, strive for fairness in our decisions in accord with our understanding of the values pursued by SASP. Among other things, we will consider the likely costs incurred through attendance, opportunities for alternative funding, past receipt of this Travel Award, and future eligibility for this award (e.g., final year students are unlikely to be able to receive this award in the future).

To apply

To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have paid membership in SASP
  • Study in Australia or New Zealand
  • Submitted an abstract to present (individual paper, symposium paper, poster) at the conference.

To apply for the SASP Margaret Foddy Postgraduate Travel Award, you must submit as a single merged PDF document:

  1. A completed Margaret Foddy Postgraduate Travel Award Application Form.
  2. A copy of your Curriculum Vitae.
  3. A statement from your postgraduate supervisor in support of your application and, in particular, confirming your answer to the question on the application form regarding your access to other forms of financial aid to attend the SASP conference.

Previous recipients

Previous recipients of the Margaret Foddy Postgraduate Travel Awards can be found here.