Transgender Stigma in the Netherlands: A Qualitative Investigation Ratcliffe, S. E. (University of Sydney), Stutterheim, S. E. (Maastricht University), Mevissen, F. E. F. (Maastricht University) Transgender individuals experience an extensive range and degree of disadvantages that can be attributed to stigmatisation. This study set out to explore how transgender individuals in the Netherlands experience stigma […]


Why Are Bisexual Men More Depressed Than Gay Men? Woods, M. (University of Sydney), Morandini, J. (University of Sydney), Dar Nimrod, I. (University of Sydney), Barlow, F. K. (University of Queensland) The LGBTQ community experiences a greater burden of mental health issues than the heterosexual community due to their stigmatised social status. Within this community, […]

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Building Social Consensus on Climate Response: The Role of Social (Mis)perception and Identity Leviston, Z. (Edith Cowan University) How societies collectively respond to climate change is profoundly important, yet social and political debate about appropriate policy response remains highly divisive. There is growing evidence that such divisions shape, and are shaped by, psychologically-driven misperceptions about […]