Informing Me, Involving Me, Professional, Empathic- Patient Preferences for How Their Doctor Communicates Jones, L. (Griffith University), Sheeran, N. (Griffith University), Watson, B. (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Gan, G. (Griffith University) Effective communication between doctors and patients is important for patient satisfaction and patient outcomes.  We need to understand from the perspective of patients what […]

Fischer (iMotions)

Driving Innovation Through Emotion Analytics Fischer, E. (iMotions, Denmark) How can we drive innovation into a meaningful and effective direction while utilising innovation in technology and research? How do we decide if progressive approaches will be successful rather than a failing concept lead by possibility and not plausibility? Measuring emotional responses and non-conscious behaviour is […]


Perceptions of Pressure to Volunteer in an Employee Volunteering Program May Undermine Future Intentions Stukas, A. (La Trobe University), Young, S. (La Trobe University), Nagpal, S., (La Trobe University) Employee volunteerism programs (EVPs) allow companies to demonstrate corporate social responsibility (Grant, 2012). EVPs typically enjoy high employee support. However, if companies pressure employees to volunteer, […]


Exploring Explicit and Implicit Attitudes towards Gay Men using the Dark Tetrad and the Dual Process Model of Prejudice Moor, L. (Australian Catholic University), Anderson, J. (Australian Catholic University & Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health, and Society [ARCSHS], La Trobe University), Kapelles, T. (Australian Catholic University), Koc, Y. (University of Groningen) Attitudes towards gay […]