Fischer (iMotions)

Driving Innovation Through Emotion Analytics

Fischer, E. (iMotions, Denmark)

How can we drive innovation into a meaningful and effective direction while utilising innovation in technology and research? How do we decide if progressive approaches will be successful rather than a failing concept lead by possibility and not plausibility? Measuring emotional responses and non-conscious behaviour is the key to understanding the human experience of the world around us and in particular the interaction with technology. Whether it is the intuitive design of a website, driver drowsiness detection in a car, or diving into the non-conscious mind of the consumer: Each aims to understand how users feel, perceive and act in context to a specific product. By combining multiple wearable and non-invasive sensors, iMotions targets a more objective method to quantify human behaviour. This expands classical methods such as surveys and focus groups, which are highly biased. Traditional methods give little insight on how and why users respond as they do. Biometric data allows an understanding of how users feel, perceive and act towards technology and its development as well as the identification of painpoints. In an empirically validated way. Quantifying human behaviour and emotional responses through biometric measures can and will change the landscape of innovation and technology. Let’s shape the future together.

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Applied Social Psychology