The Source Effect for Disgust: Development and Behavioural Validation of a Self-Report Scale.

Weston, M. (Macquarie University), Case, T. I. (Macquarie University), Stevenson, R. J. (Macquarie University)

The source effect for disgust is a robust tendency for disgust elicitors that emanate from unfamiliar sources to elicit higher levels of disgust than those emanating from the self (Stevenson & Repacholi, 2005; Case, Repacholi & Stevenson, 2006). Whereas this effect has been demonstrated in many experimental studies, there is no existing measure to account for individual differences in the source effect. This talk describes the development and validation of a new measure of the source effect for disgust. Exploratory (N = 195) and confirmatory (N = 270) factor analyses identified a single factor structure for the 17-item self-report measure. The scale also predicted scores in a study (N = 52) of behavioural source effect tasks. The source effect scale was positively correlated with fear of contamination and food neophobia, and, importantly, it was unrelated to individual differences in disgust.  The implications for the use of the source effect scale for research on disgust and future directions will be discussed.


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Emotion and Individual Differences