Transgender Stigma in the Netherlands: A Qualitative Investigation Ratcliffe, S. E. (University of Sydney), Stutterheim, S. E. (Maastricht University), Mevissen, F. E. F. (Maastricht University) Transgender individuals experience an extensive range and degree of disadvantages that can be attributed to stigmatisation. This study set out to explore how transgender individuals in the Netherlands experience stigma […]


Why Are Bisexual Men More Depressed Than Gay Men? Woods, M. (University of Sydney), Morandini, J. (University of Sydney), Dar Nimrod, I. (University of Sydney), Barlow, F. K. (University of Queensland) The LGBTQ community experiences a greater burden of mental health issues than the heterosexual community due to their stigmatised social status. Within this community, […]


Feelings about Feelings: Examining the association between emotion-related stigma, emotion regulation and depression in young people. Harvey, L. (University of Sydney), White, F. A. (University of Sydney), MacCann, C. (University of Sydney), Hunt, C. (University of Sydney) Emotion dysregulation appears to play a central role in the development and maintenance of depression. However,  the role […]


Why Do People Argue About Science? Tracing the Ideological Roots of Rejection of Science Kerr, J. (Victoria University of Wellington), Wilson, M. (Victoria University of Wellington) There are a number of ‘hot button’ scientific issues where substantial public debate exists despite an overwhelming weight of scientific evidence in favour of one side. Historically opposition has […]