The Accuracy of Trustworthiness Perceptions from Male Voices

Schild, C. (University of Copenhagen)

Previous research suggests that trustworthiness perceptions vary according to a male speaker’s voice and differ across social contexts. However, only a few studies have investigated whether trustworthiness perceptions are accurate such that they are actually predictive of self-reported and behavioral trustworthiness. We tested such relations between perceived and actual general, economic and mating-related trustworthiness in a sample of 95 perceivers and 181 speakers/targets. Analyses suggest that trustworthiness perceptions are not accurate in contexts of general or economic trustworthiness, as perceptions were not related to a speaker’s Honesty-Humility, trustworthy intentions, or trust game behavior. However, in contexts of mating-related trustworthiness, women were able to accurately judge men’s relationship infidelity. Potential underlying mechanisms are discussed.

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Norms, Persuasion, and Prejudice