Meta-Analysis on the Basic Psychological Needs for LGBTQ+ Individuals – Call for unpublished data

Dear colleagues,

We are conducting a systematic literature review of research exploring the relationship between the Basic Psychological Needs (BPN) and Relevant Correlates for LGBTQ+ Individuals. We are seeking data from studies which have used data from sexuality and gender diverse samples to explore at least one of the BPN (i.e., either autonomy, competence, or relatedness), and have explored how these relate to psychosocial constructs (e.g., health and wellbeing, identity processes, etc). We are also interested in qualitative research in which these constructs have been explored.

We are seeking published, unpublished, or nearly published data (including thesis data) that explores this relationship. If you have data that might be relevant, please contact us by 15th Feb 2024 on: .

Many thanks,

Joel Anderson and Ma Ann Banday (La Trobe University; Australian Catholic University)