SASP 2018 conference information

Hi everyone,

The SASP2018 Conference is approaching and here are few requests/information for the event to run smoothly.

1. Saving slides: We set a Google Drive account so you can upload your slides before your presentation. Please use the program ( to identify the ID of your presentation, room number, and date/time of your presentation. The slides file should be named as follows: ‘Presentation ID_Surname of Presenter.*’ and saved in the correct room and day/session.

To illustrate, I will be presenting on Thursday in the first session and the presentation ID is 122. So I will save the slides as ‘122_Milfont.ppt’, and save it in folder ‘Room 2’ under ‘Day 1 – Thursday 05.04.2018’ and ‘Parallel Session 1’.

Please try to do so one day before your presentation! Here is the link to Google Drive:

2. Controlling time: Symposium chairs will control presentations time in their sessions. For other parallel sessions, we would like to ask the last presenter to be in charge and control presentation time of the other presenters.

3. Twitter: Please use the hashtag ‘#SASP2018’ when tweeting about the conference

4. Wednesday night: In case you arrive earlier in Wellington and are keen to meet up Wednesday night, indicate your availability using the link below and we will try to organise a place to meet depending on numbers:

I am looking forward to meeting you all in few days!