Abstract Submissions 2017

General guidelines

To allow us to receive your abstract in the most efficient way possible, we request that you follow these guidelines when submitting an abstract for an individual oral presentation, a snapshot presentation, or a set of abstracts for a symposium.

Delegates may only be the first presenting author on one presentation (individual oral presentation, snapshot presentation, or symposium presentation). In other words, they can only present one paper. They can, however, appear as co-authors on additional papers. You should discuss with your research collaborators order of authorship and representation in multiple papers. NB: Discussants in symposia are allowed to present a paper, in addition to their contribution to a symposium.

The time allocated for individual presentations and symposium presentations is 20 minutes per talk. It is expected that you will present for 15 minutes, with 5 minutes left for questions and discussion. The time allocated to snapshots is 7 minutes with 3 minutes for questions after the full session.

While the submission form (see the relevant link for each type of submission below) will check the format of your submission, it is worthwhile preparing your abstract in a word processor in the first instance to be sure that you meet the word limit (1000 characters, including spaces). The following format should be adopted for all abstracts submitted:

The deadline for all abstract submissions has been extended to midnight AEST Monday March 6, 2017.

Please note that there is no email confirmation after you have submitted your abstract.



  • The title of the paper should be in lower case with the first letter being upper case
  • No other words should have capital letters unless they are proper nouns


  • The authors’ names should be in upper case
  • The first author is the presenting author
  • The first author’s first name and email address are requested for correspondence
  • All authors are requested to provide their complete set of initials, entered without any spaces or punctuation
  • All author affiliations are requested
  • Spaces for additional authors will appear as you complete the details for each author.


  • This should be a maximum of 1000 characters (including spaces) and should follow APA format
  • Abstracts should be written in the present tense

 Key words 

  • Please enter up to five key words that describe your presentation

Acceptance of submission

We will notify you that your abstract has been accepted for inclusion in the conference program via the email address you enter on the submission form. Please ensure that this is correct. We will have rolling acceptances of submissions and you should be notified of acceptance within one to two weeks from your submission.

NB. All efforts will be made to accommodate the specific presentation format you chose. However, the scientific organising committee reserves the right to ask delegates to present in an alternate format (e.g., a snapshot instead of an individual paper or vice versa). 


Individual presentation submission

Your abstract should be submitted as an individual paper only if you are not part of a symposium. If your presentation is due to be part of a symposium, please send your abstract and associated details to the convenor of your symposium. He or she will then submit it via the symposium submission page.

You can submit your abstract for an individual presentation here: Submit Individual Paper

Snapshot presentation submission

For submissions for snapshot presentations, use this link: Submit Snapshot Presentation

Symposium submission

Symposium convenors are requested to collect and submit the abstracts for all participants in their symposium, and ensure that the information is consistent with the general guidelines provided above. 

In addition to the information requested in the general guidelines, convenors of symposia are also requested to prepare an abstract for the symposium. This should also be a maximum of 1000 characters including spaces. In addition to a long title, we request a short title to allow us to prepare the conference program. This short title should be no longer than 10 words (100 characters including spaces). 

Symposia submissions can comprise any number of presentations; however symposia with four papers, or multiples of four (i.e., 4, 8, 12 papers), are strongly preferred, as this will assist us to fit your symposium into the schedule without awkward breaks between papers. Please note that if you decide to include a Discussant in your symposium, for the purpose of scheduling for the scientific programme, that counts as a standard paper’s timeslot.

The submission page allows up to 12 papers to be submitted as part of a symposium. If you require more than this, you will need to break your submission into two symposia. If you do this, please use the same title for each submission and append a number “1” to the title of the group of papers that should appear first in the program, and a number “2” to the title of the group of papers that should appear second.

There is space for three convenors to be listed on the submission page. If you require additional space, please use the notes field at the bottom of the page. 

Convenors should submit the symposium abstract along with the abstracts for the participants’ presentations at the same time using the Submit Symposium link.



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