Academic Award winners

 Information about past winners of the SASP Early Career Award and the John Turner Medal.

Past SASP ECR Award Winners

2011Brock BastianUniversity of Queensland
2012Tom DensonUniversity of New South Wales
2013Fiona Kate BarlowUniversity of Queensland
2014Steve LoughnanUniversity of Melbourne
2015Danny OsborneUniversity of Auckland
2016Emma ThomasMurdoch University
2017Katharine GreenawayUniversity of Queensland
2018Tegan CruwysUniversity of Queensland
2019Elise KalokerinosUniversity of Newcastle

Past John Turner Medal Winners 

2013Marilynn BrewerUniversity of New South Wales
2015Norman FeatherFlinders University
2017Garth FletcherVictoria University of Wellington
2019Cindy GalloisUniversity of Queensland

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