Ember Corpuz

Caught in Two Minds: A Critical Review of Culture and Gender in the Leadership Literature 

Ember Corpuz, C (University of Adelaide), Due, C. (University of Adelaide), Augoustinos, M. (University of Adelaide) 

The concept of intersectionality (used to examine the overlapping nature of social identities and systems of disadvantage) has become increasingly influential in the social sciences literature. Still, the analysis of leadership experiences at the intersections of culture and gender have remained marginal to the field despite the rapid growth of diverse workplaces worldwide. This critical narrative review explores how women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds navigate the leadership “labyrinth” (Eagly and Carli, 2007). This appraisal identifies evolving key themes of research from the past 20 years and determines the crucial areas of study to better understand the persistent limits to career advancement. Overall, the current global emphasis on the benefits of diversity in the workplace, and its consequences to effective leadership, warrants this review. 


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Culture and Social Identity