When Crime Happens Repeatedly: Investigating Adult Memory for Repeated Stressful Events using a Domestic Violence Analogue  Dilevski, N. (University of Sydney), Paterson, H. M. (University of Sydney), van Golde, C. (University of Sydney)  Domestic violence is a prominent social issue in Australia that has far-reaching consequences, ranging from the negative physical and psychological outcomes faced by victims to the significant […]


Adult Memory for Single and Repeated Events  Deck, S. L. (University of Sydney), Paterson, H. M. (University of Sydney)  In some relationships, instances of abuse become a regular occurrence. This dynamic is true in cases of domestic violence and workplace bullying for example. To ensure that genuine allegations of abuse are not misperceived as false (e.g. by the […]


Investigating the Social Processes Underlying Memory Conformity  Paterson, H. M. (University of Sydney), Reddy, N. (University of Sydney)  Eyewitnesses often play a critical role in criminal investigations and trials; however, research consistently shows that eyewitness memory is fallible. This is particularly true when witnesses contaminate one another’s memories for the event, a phenomenon known as “memory conformity”. The […]