A Cultural Psychological Analysis of Cultural Change: The Case of Self-Esteem and Narcissism in WEIRD Societies 

Hamamura, T. (Curtin University), Johnson, C (Curtin University), Stankovic, M, (Curtin University) 

There is a controversy over whether Americans are becoming more self-centred and narcissistic over time. The notion that self-centred culture is rising is a common perception of generational differences within and outside the United States. We conducted a temporal meta-analysis to test whether narcissism has increased over time in two other Western countries––Australia and Canada. The data showed no evidence of rising narcissism. This pattern remained after adjusting for variations in study methodologies and demographics. Cultural commentators have argued that technologies like Facebook and Instagram are making societies more narcissistic. Yet these findings suggest that the changing socioeconomic environment does not inevitably lead to rising narcissism. 


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Culture and Social Identity