SASP Conference 2017 Melbourne update

Save the date for the next SASP annual conference, which will be held in Melbourne from Thursday April 20 to Saturday April 22, 2017. The conference will be held at Rydge’s Hotel in Carlton, close to Melbourne’s downtown and the University of Melbourne campus. The keynote speaker will be Professor Susan Fiske from Princeton University. You can also expect all the elements that make SASP conferences so appealing: postgraduate workshops and dinner, cocktail reception and banquet, several award presentations (the Early Career Award, the Outstanding Postgraduate Research Award, the John Turner Medal), and much, much more.


Note also that SASP2017 will be immediately preceded on April 18-19 by the 2017 SPSSI/SASP small group conference. This conference, organised by Drs. Simon Laham and Brock Bastian, will be on the subject of “The Morality of Conflict and Cooperation”.

More to come soon…

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