New Zealand Association of Gerontology: Ageing and Diversity Conference 2012

We have an impressive line-up of international speakers in the Cognition Stream of the NZ Association of Gerontology Conference (Thursday 13 – Saturday 16 September 2012; Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre, Auckland). The speakers are covering a wide variety of topics that might be of interest to those in all areas of Psychology, from age-related changes in neural functioning through to identity, culture and social cognition. For more information, see

Professor Nicola T. Lautenschlager, Chair of Psychiatry of Old Age at The University of Melbourne, “Dementia and Other Diseases of the Ageing Brain”

Professor Jolanda Jetten, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland, “Identity and Ageing”

Dr Angela Gutchess, Department of Psychology, Brandeis University, USA, “Effects of Age and Culture on Memory and Social Cognition”

Associate Professor Amanda Barnier, Centre for Cognition & Its Disorders, Macquarie University and Dr Donna Rose Addis, Department of Psychology, The University of Auckland, “Enhancing Memory in Older Age” 

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