Call for papers

The Journal of Criminal Psychology (ISSN: 2009-3829 ) published by worldwide publisher EMERALD Group Publishing Ltd, encourages submissions of papers from all fields including the social, cognitive, personality, and biological domains that are relevant to the theoretical, research, or clinical aspects of criminal psychology. The journal publishes quantitative and/or qualitative research, original conceptual papers, and brief research reports.

Coverage includes:

  • Predictors of delinquent and criminal behaviour
  • Classification and treatments of offenders
  • Prevention, intervention, and treatment programs
  • Offender and offensive characteristics
  • Psychology of policing
  • Psychology of interrogation and witness testimony
  • Psychology and crime issues
  • Exploring the interrelation of theory and data in empirical research and advancing the links between criminological analysis and psychology
  • Criminal Thinking Style and Criminal Identity
  • Process of Prisonization
  • Recidivism
  • Application of advanced statistical analysis to the field of criminal psychology

If you are working in related field we look forward to hearing from you!

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Daniel Boduszek

Editor-in-Chief & Founder of Journal of Criminal Psychology | School of Psychology | Faculty of Life and Health Sciences | University of Ulster at Magee | Londonderry , BT 48 7JL, UK.

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