Message from the President

Dear SASP members,

It is with great pleasure that I can report that the next SASP meeting (2012) will be held in Adelaide. Michael Wenzel (Flinders University) and Peter Strelan (University of Adelaide) have kindly offered to host the conference and the two of them will form the core of the organising committee. They have great plans and are also likely to change the conference structure, so do watch this space for more information.

I also would like to take the opportunity to thank the Sydney organisers for this year’s wonderful conference at Manly. Particular thanks go to the organising committee Megan Oaten, Trevor Case, and Julie Fitness. Thanks also to Lucy Johnston who served us so well as SASP President over the last two years. All your hard work is much appreciated!

Blake McKimmie has updated parts of the website and we have been discussing ways in which this site can be used more effectively. One idea is to restore the regular news updates (i.e., the former news letters) and we would like to know who would be interested in taking on this role. We are thinking of a newsletter team and this might actually work best if there are people from a number of universities involved. The job involves asking for regular updates on members’ whereabouts, updates on books or articles published by members, reports of summer school visits, conference attendance etc. etc. Have a look at the news letters from a few years back to get an idea of the sorts of items that we have in mind:

If you interested, please email me at

That is all for now.

Best wishes,




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