Dear SASP members,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend our annual symposium, the Brisbane Symposium on Self and Identity (BSSI). 

The BSSI will be held from 9am to 5pm on Saturday 11th June in the Terrace Room, Level 6 of the Sir Llew Edwards Building (building no 14), St. Lucia campus, Brisbane.

This symposium brings together people who are actively involved in research in social psychology or related disciplines. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas, the discussion of theoretical and conceptual issues, presentation of current research, and the establishment and strengthening of formal research connections in this field.  

This year, the symposium is again sponsored and organised by the Centre for Research in Social Psychology (CRiSP) at the School of Psychology, University of Queensland. This is a free event and lunch and refreshments will be provided. In the evening, there will be the traditional symposium party (with food, nibbles, wine and other drinks provided) at Eric Vanman’s house. Directions will be provided at the event. 

Even though this is a free event, you will need to register to be able to attend. To register, please email Paul Bain ( before May 31.


The Program

There are 8 papers acting as foci for discussion and we are very proud to present the following local, interstate and overseas speakers:

  1. Geoffrey Leonardelli (University of Toronto):   Regulating self-interest in interdependent contexts
  2. Roland Bleiker (University of Queensland):   How images shape responses to humanitarian crises
  3. Matthew Hornsey (University of Queensland):   Why sorry isn’t enough: Victim groups’ mixed responses  to intergroup apologies
  4. Cordelia Fine (Melbourne Business School):   From scanner to sound bite to society: The journey of ‘facts’ about sex differences in the brain
  5. Katharine Greenaway (University of Queensland):   Psychological strategies for control restoration
  6. Bill Swann (University of Texas):   Now that’s devotion: Identity fusion and extreme sacrifice for one’s group
  7. Pascal Molenberghs (University of Queensland):   The role of the mirror neuron system in bridging the gap between self and others.
  8. Nyla Branscombe (University of Kansas):   Perceivers finding benefits from trauma: Why victims may incur moral obligations

For further details or questions please contact the organisers: Paul Bain ( or Jolanda Jetten ( 

We very much hope you will be able to attend. 

Kind regards,

Jolanda & Paul


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