Postgraduate Funding Winners

SASP Postgraduate Small Grant Scheme and Margaret Foddy Travel Awards

SASP Postgraduate Small Grant Scheme

2018 SASP Postgraduate Small Grant Scheme (4 x $500)

Researcher TeamAcademic AdvisorProject Title
Mylyn C. Dat (University of Queensland)
Cassandra M. Chapman (University of Queensland)
Nickolas M. Jones (University of California, Irvine)
Tyler Okimoto (University of Queensland)Stand with your sisters, NOT just your cis-ters: Understanding why majority members of disadvantaged groups include or exclude minority membersc
Amrita Ahluwalia (University of Edinburgh, Scotland); John Kerr (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand); Stephanie Rizio (University of Melbourne, Australia) Prof. Marc Wilson (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand); Dr. Daniel Osborne (University of Auckland, New Zealand)Cognition and the Dual Process Model of Motivation: An Integrative Approach
Matylda Mackiewicz (University of Newcastle), Alexander O’Donnell (Griffith University)Ass. Prof Stefania Paolini (University of Newcastle), Prof David Neumann (Griffith University)Seeking intergroup contact: Exploring unique predictors and contact-type preferences
William Bingley (University of Queensland), Zahra Mirnajafi (University of Queensland), Joshua Rhee (University of Melbourne), Kealagh Robinson (Victoria University), Samantha Stanley (Victoria University).Emina Subasic (University of Newcastle), Alex Haslam (University of Queensland), Marc Wilson (Victoria University)The role of symbolic action in transforming collective guilt into further collective action on behalf of disadvantaged groups

2017 SASP Postgraduate Small Grant Scheme (4 x $500)

Researcher TeamAcademic AdvisorProject Title
Morgana Lizzio-Wilson (The University of Queensland), Diana Batchelor (University of Oxford), and Adriana Vargas Sáenz (The University of Melbourne) Dr Tegan Cruwys (The University of Queensland)‘But not all men…’ Social identity threat as a barrier to men’s engagement in gender activism
Melissa Xue-Ling Chang (The University of Queensland), Kunalan Manokara (The University of Queensland), Elyse Williams (The University of Queensland), Joanna Doley (La Trobe University), and How Hwee Ong (Tilburg University) Professor Jolanda Jetten (The University of Queensland) The influence of cultural belief systems on mental illness attributions and mind perception towards people experiencing psychosis
Damien Crone (University of Melbourne)
Emily Harris (University of Queensland)
Professor Matthew Hornsey (University of Queensland) The effects of person and robot characteristics on judgements of social robots

2016 SASP Postgraduate Small Grant Scheme (4 x $500)

Researcher TeamAcademic AdvisorProject Title
Xueling Chang (UQ), Melissa de Vel-Palumbo (Flinders University), Rose Ferguson (ACU), Chelsea Schein (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill).Dr Brock Bastian (University of Melbourne)Denying Agency Reduces Blame but at What Cost? Why Using the Defence of Mental Illness Undermines Moral Standing
Ayoub Bouguettaya (Deakin University), Gi K Chonu (UQ), Mikaela Cibich (Flinders University), Joanna Doley (La Trobe University), Elyse Williams (UQ) Dr Tegan Cruwys (UQ) and Professor Alex Haslam (UQ)What makes people choose to join groups?
Michael Doane (University of Nevada), Angela Nguyen (Australian National University), Anna Klas (Deakin University), Andrew Jerovich (Western Sydney University) Dr Tegan Cruwys (UQ)Social Identity Management among Biracial Individuals: How Does Concealing Stigmatized Social Identities Contribute to Psychological Well-Being?
Caley Tapp (Griffith University), Fieke Wagemans (Tilburg University, The Netherlands), Joanne Beames (UNSW), Cassandra Chapman (UQ) and Daniel Crimston (UQ) Dr Simon Laham and Dr Brock Bastian (University of Melbourne) Context-sensitivity in moral cognition: Are moral principles applied universally?

2015 SASP Postgraduate Small Grant Scheme (4 x $500)

Researcher TeamAcademic AdvisorProject Title
Morgana Lizzio-Wilson (The University of Queensland)

Annamaria Klas (Deakin University)
A/Prof Barbara Masser (UQ)

Dr Janine McGuiness (Deakin)
‘You can’t use that word, that’s what we call you!’ Investigating the antecedents and outcomes of reappropriation for stigmatized groups

2014 SASP Postgraduate Small Grant Scheme (4 x $500)

Researcher TeamAcademic AdvisorProject Title
Matthew Farrugia (Swinburne University of Technology), Brad Elphinstone (Swinburne University of Technology), Pamela Pensini (James Cook University)A/Prof Christine Critchley  (Swinburne University of Technology)Assessing the relationship between political ideologies, policy preference and voting behaviour/intention
Joel Anderson (Australian Catholic University), Michael Thai (The University of Queensland), Thekla Morgenroth (University of Exeter)A/Prof Blake McKimmie (The University of Queensland)Cross-categorisation in the court room: The role of gender and sexual orientation in perceptions of defendant guilt
Khandis Blake (The University of New South Wales, Billy Sung (The University of Queensland), Jennifer Yih (Vanderbilt University), Kun Zhao (University of Melbourne)Dr Cindy Harmon-Jones (The University of New South Wales)Disgusting, Scary, or Creepy? An Argument for Differentiation
Lydia Hayward (The University of Queensland), Jasmine Fardouly
(The University of New South Wales), Tanya Machin (University of Southern Queensland), Pirathat Techakesari (The University of Queensland)
Dr Fiona Kate Barlow (The University of Queensland)
Dr Lenny Vartanian (The University of New South Wales)
Ostracism and Obesity: When Do We Choose to Ostracise Stigmatised Out-group Members?

2013 SASP Postgraduate Small Grant Scheme (4 x $500)

Researcher TeamAcademic AdvisorProject Title
Alexa Hayley  (Deakin University), Diana Onu (University of Exeter)Prof Tom Postmes (University of Groningen)Zeitgeist: An empirical phenomenon?
Elise Kalokerinos  & Katharine Greenaway (The University of Queensland), David Pedder (Australian Catholic University), Elise Margetts (The University of Melbourne)A/Prof Tom Denson (The University of New South Wales)The upside of down-regulation: Can suppressing positive emotions improve interpersonal relationships?
Jason McIntyre   (The University of Queensland), Maria Abou Abdallah (The University of Melbourne)Dr Fiona Kate Barlow               (The University of Queensland)The role of self-control and group identification in predicting parochial altruism
Joel Anderson (Australian Catholic University), Avelie Stuart (Murdoch University), Anna Cooke (The University of Queensland), Isabel Rossen (University of Western Australia)Dr Kelly Fielding  (The University of Queensland)Sometimes Egalitarian? Using hypothetical societies as a behavioural intervention



Margaret Foddy Travel Awards

2018 Margaret Foddy Travel Awards (5 x $300)

Joanne BeamesDr Tom DensonUniversity of New South Wales
Laura FerrisProf Jolanda JettenUniversity of Queensland
Zhechen WangProf Jolanda JettenUniversity of Queensland
Rachel MaunderProf Fiona WhiteUniversity of Sydney
Stephanie HardacreDr Emina SubasicUniversity of Newcastle

2017 Margaret Foddy Travel Awards (5 x $300)

Yasin KocPro Vivian VignolesUniversity of Sussex
Mengyao LiDr Bernhard LeidnerUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst
Rachel MaunderProf Fiona WhiteUniversity of Sydney
Sam StrongeProf Chris SibleyUniversity of Auckland
Stefano VerrelliProf Fiona WhiteUniversity of Sydney

2016 Margaret Foddy Travel Awards (5 x $300)

Muhammad IqbalProf Vivian VignolesMonash University
Sam Stronge Prof Chris SibleyUniversity of Auckland
Pollyanne de Costa DinizProf John McClureVictoria University of Wellington
Saleh Moradi Prof John HunterUniversity of Otago

2015 Margaret Foddy Travel Awards (5 x $300)

Charis AntonProf Carmen Lawrence
Prof Mark Griffin
University of Western Australia
Jaya Kumar KarunagharanDr Chuma OwuamalamUniversity of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus
Lara GreavesA/Prof Chris SibleyUniversity of Auckland
Sarah HunterA/Prof Damien Riggs
Prof Martha Augoustinos
University of Adelaide
Dinesh Asudo PunjabiDr Ana-Maria BliucMonash University

2014 Margaret Foddy Travel Awards (5 x $300)

Matthew HammondDr Nickola OverallUniversity of Auckland
Jill HayhurstDr Jackie HunterUniversity of Otago
Isabel RossenProf Carmen LawrenceUniversity of Western Australia
Nikhil SenguptaDr Chris SibleyUniversity of Auckland
Morgan TearA/Prof Mark NielsenThe University of Queensland

2013 Margaret Foddy Travel Awards (5 x $300)

Joel AndersonDr Leah KaufmannAustralian Catholic University
Adem AydoganDr Karen Gonsalkorale
Dr Lisa Zadro
Dr Lisa Williams
University of Sydney
Lauren HallA/Prof Ngaire DonaghueMurdoch University
Avelie StuartA/Prof Ngaire DonaghueMurdoch University
Melanie StoneDr Stefania PaoliniUniversity of Newcastle

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