Doctoral and postdoctoral positions in emotion research

The Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva invites applications for doctoral and postdoctoral positions in emotion research
As part of an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council to Klaus Scherer for a 5-year project on the Production and Perception of Emotion (PROPEREMO), the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences will fill several doctoral and postdoctoral positions at the University of Geneva.
Priority will be given to candidates with interests and competencies in one or more of the following four areas of experimental research:
1) Appraisal processes as production mechanisms of emotional processes, in particular the role of valence (intrinsic pleasantness, goal conduciveness, and social values) and the factors determining personal relevance in interaction with expectations and perceived coping potential. Emphasis is placed on experimental manipulations of such factors and their interactions in laboratory and field experiments.
2) The synchronisation of different emotion components (cognitive, psycho-physiological arousal, expressions, action tendencies, and subjective feeling) as driven by appraisal results. This work is focussed on a process approach, measuring emergent emotional responses over time in laboratory simulations (including virtual reality) and real-life situations using ambulatory measurement.
3) The development of standardized tests for core components of emotional competence, in particular the domains of appropriate emotional responsiveness, ability for emotion recognition and affective sensitivity, and regulation capacity. Emphasis is placed on the development of adaptive performance tests using advanced psychometric techniques.
4) Web experimentation in the area of emotional experience and behaviour in real life using large groups and panels of respondents. Emphasis is placed on novel methods of time and event sampling, measurement of background and mediating factors, and technologically sophisticated response measurement.
Complementary empirical approaches will be combined in the overall project, and candidates may apply classical experimental psychology methods and/or psycho-physiological and brain imaging techniques. In order to conduct the experiments, participants will benefit of advanced research infrastructures in the newly created Brain and Behaviour Laboratory at the University of Geneva (
Requirements for candidates, in addition to an excellent academic background and theoretical and methodological knowledge depending on their level, are strong interest for and motivation to work in the respective area, willingness to invest in interdisciplinary collaboration, and a very good command of the English language. Doctoral students and post-docs will respectively profit from the Graduate School in the Affective Sciences and the Post-doctoral program in the Affective Sciences organized by the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences.
Doctoral students are expected to finish their degrees in three years and postdoctoral contracts generally run for two to three years. Salary levels per year (before taxes) are as follows:
Doctoral students: Fr. 52’000.00
Postdoctoral students: Fr. 55’000.00
Candidatures should be sent by mail to The following documents are compulsory: a letter of motivation detailing the candidate’s particular competencies and interests, a detailed curriculum vitae, and recommendation letters from two referees.
The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2009. The contract can start at the earliest convenience of the chosen candidate, once the work permit has been obtained.
In the interest of gender equality, the Center strongly encourages applications by female candidates.

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