Call for Papers

Social Influence is seeking papers for a special issue titled “Individual Differences and Social Influence.”  Papers should examine the role of individual differences in any of the usual topics that fall under the umbrella of “social influence,” e.g., conformity, norms, social influence tactics such as norm of reciprocity, authority, scarcity, interpersonal influence, persuasion, power, advertising, mass media effects, political persuasion, propaganda, comparative influence, compliance, minority influence, influence in groups, cultic influence, social movements, social contagions, rumors, resistance to influence, and influence across cultures.  Individual differences is defined broadly to include personality, gender, age, culture, and other variables that fall on the “person” side of the person-situation dichotomy. Manuscripts should be no longer than 5000 words.  This word limit excludes the abstract (which should be no longer than 120 words), the title, table and figure text, and references.  In keeping with the usual guidelines for the journal, preference will be given to research that uses real behaviors as dependent variables.

Manuscripts should be submitted by June 30, 2009.  Please email your paper, saved in a standard document format type such as Word or pdf, to  You may also contact the Editorial Assistant by phone at (0)2070 177730.  In your cover letter, indicate that your submission is to be considered for the special issue on Individual Differences and Social Influence.

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