“The Revolution Will Be Feminist, or It Will Be Nothing”: Masculinity Threat and Motivation to Engage in Protest in the Context of Recent Social Movement in Chile

Wlodarczyk, A. (Universidad Católica del Norte), Kosakowska-Berezecka, N. (University of Gdansk)

Several recent studies have documented that the precarious nature of masculinity and compensatory behaviours resulting from threats to it can be extended to general attitudes toward gender roles and collective action supporting gender equality movements. Therefore, in the context of a widespread feminist movement at Chilean universities in 2018, we intended to explore whether the demands to eliminate sexist practices and gender gaps may pose masculinity threat and decrease motivation to engage in protests among male university students. With a broad online sample of 300 Chilean university students our results showed that those who reported being threatened by increasing women’s rights manifested lower support for gender equality movements and reported even stronger endorsement of more traditional gender roles. Yet closeness to women who had been targeted by gender prejudice significantly predicted actual participation in collective action and greater motivation for gender equality. Implications of these findings for future efforts to mobilize men in protests for gender equality are discussed.

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Gender and Sexual (Non-)Equalities Symposium