Postgraduate Workshops

Postgraduate workshops have long been a feature of SASP conferences. Being part of the conference they not only symbolise a special invitation to post-graduate students at various stages of their PhD to come and join the meeting, but they also reflect the philosophy that the nurture and support of our young talents is key to progress and vitality of our discipline.

In 2012, the workshops will be held in a denser format than in previous years. There will be three one-hour workshops in the morning of Thursday, April 12, 2012, starting at 8.30am. Participation is open to all postgraduate students, free of extra charge if registering for the conference. Please indicate your attendance when registering.

Workshop program

8.30am – Seven Secrets of Highly Successful RHD Students

Presenters: Maria Gardiner and Hugh Kearns (ThinkWell)

Maria Gardiner and Hugh Kearns are Adelaide-based educational consultants who advise on how to study and work effectively. They have published commentaries in Nature, and their workshops are sought after across Australia and beyond. Here, they will let you in on the seven secrets that make research higher degree students more successful.

9.30am – Getting Your Work Published in Top-Tier Journals

Presenters: John Dovidio (Yale University)

John Dovidio is Professor of Psychology at Yale University and currently the Executive Officer of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology. He has had a number of editorial roles in top social psychology journals, including editor of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and editor of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes). Drawing on this experience he will discuss tips and strategies for getting your work published in top-tier journals.

10.30am – Coffee break

11.00am – Post-PhD Career Pathways and Strategies

Presenters: Fiona Barlow (UQ), Kelly Fielding (UQ), Jeremy Goldring (CSU)

Fiona Barlow and Kelly Fielding from the University of Queensland, and Jeremy Goldring from Charles Sturt University completed their PhDs in recent years and have since shaped their careers very successfully, yet in different ways. They will discuss the ups and downs they experienced and show that there are more post-PhD career pathways than you may think there are.

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