SASP2021 Early Career Award

Dear SASP members,

SASP is pleased to announce Dr Jasmine Fardouly and Dr Joel Anderson as joint recipients of the 2021 SASP Early Career Award. This award recognises a young scholar who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of social psychology in Australasia.

Dr Jasmine Fardouly is currently a Research Fellow at Macquarie University and will start an ARC DECRA Fellowship at UNSW in August. Her research interests include social influences on the emotional health of young people, particularly the influence of social media. Over the past nine years she has taken a mixed methods approach to investigate negative social media activities for body image and eating pathology, such as the impact of online social comparisons. More recently, her research focuses on ways to foster positive body image via social media. She is passionate about making social media a safe environment for youth. 

Dr Joel Anderson is a Senior Lecturer at Australian Catholic University and a Research Fellow in the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health, and Society at La Trobe University. His research interests in social psychology typically focus on intergroup relations with a focus on ameliorating conditions for minority groups. He has often used non-self-report measures (e.g., implicit measures, eye tracking methods, priming techniques) and a social-cognitive approach to understanding prejudice towards sexual and gender minority groups and individuals with refugee or asylum-seeking backgrounds. More recently, his research has begun to explore intrapersonal factors for individuals with these group memberships, with a focus on understanding the benefits and mechanisms of identity integration for individuals who are both same-sex attracted and religious.

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