call for papers on stereotype change

Stefania Paolini, Miles Hewstone, and Kylie McIntyre are conducting a meta-analytic review of studies that examine the process of member-to-group generalisation. They are particularly interested in the relationship between the presentation of out-group information on different out-group measures (stereotyping, dispersion and/or prejudice).


They are therefore looking for unpublished papers that:

1. Provided participants with information about out-group members, this information can be stereotype confirming or disconfirming.
2. Information may be presented via any means, but specifically excludes contact situations.
3. Participants complete dependent measures for the outgroup in general.

They have already identified over 50 empirical papers through their search of databases such as PsycLIT, PsycINFO, Social Science Journals and ERIC. They are hoping to include dissertations, unpublished manuscripts and work in press. They are equally interested in work that did not find relationships as in work that did. 

If you have any work that you think might vaguely fit these criteria please send it on (or if you want more details, please feel free to contact the researchers.) Please send any manuscripts either electronically () or by regular mail to the address below.

Kylie McIntyre
c/o Stefania Paolini
School of Psychology
University of Newcastle
Callaghan NSW 2308

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