SASP 2018 Wellington update – dinner

There are over 150 submissions the SASP 18 conference in the wonderful city of Wellington. Over 100 attendees have registered. Please complete your registration ASAP so we can finalise numbers for catering.  It is shaping up to be an excellent conference!  The organising committee also need finalise the numbers for the conference dinner. Please make sure you register ASAP
Venue:   Mac’s Brewery
Description: Mac’s Restaurant and Brew Bar is an eclectic mix of all things that celebrate the uniqueness of Mac’s beers, which are proudly served. Everything on our menu comes with a suggested beer match from the bar. Heck, half the dishes on the menu are actually made with beer in them. (Don’t worry, if you’re still not convinced, there’s always the wine list.) Our great outdoor area helps set the scene of one of Wellington’s most popular establishments.