We’re very sad to announce that due to the current situation GM #easp2020 needs to be canceled. We hope to see you all in KRK in 2021 and to see #easp2021 trending soon! In the meantime, stay safe ♥️! Yours, physically distant but always socially close, Organizing Committee

⏳4 days left to apply for a funded #PhD @Kingspsychol

⚕️ Exciting chance to work on an online intervention to improve #mentalhealth in people with #diabetes

👩‍🏫 Working with @RonaMossMorris @JoHudson13 & me

🖥️ Interviews will be held online


Dr Ruth Hackett@hackett_ruth

❓Interested in #mentalhealth & #diabetes?

🚨 #PhD opportunity @Kingspsychol to work with @JoHudson13 @RonaMossMorris & me

🖥️ Focused on implementing an online intervention for #depression #anxiety in people with #diabetes in the #NHS

📅 Closes Mar 22

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