The deadline to submit to our #spsconf has been extended to 10.00, Monday 10 May 2021.

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We have some exciting contributions from @lindatropp, @DrKeonWest & @shellkryan lined up!

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Valuable paper #EJSP for social psychologists

Empirically derived effect sizes

as r: 0.12, 0.24., 0.41 (small, medium, large)
as d: 0.15, 0.36, and 0.65 (small, medium, large)

@lovakov @WileyPsychology

Dear all Members,
see below for an important communication on the value of Social Psychology in Australia at a top university (University of Newcastle). Please consider taking action; it will only take a few minute of your time. Together, we are strong.

mat marques, ph.d.@fabiovelo

.@SASPoutreach our colleagues at University of Newcastle (@RubinPsyc @PaoliniStefi ) need your urgent help

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