Conference alert: Feb 15, 2023: 2023 conference for @AASP_AJSP, held in hybrid mode (both in-person and online) and hosted at the Education University of Hong Kong, July 13-15, 2023. Come join us for AASP's 15th Biennial Conference in Hong Kong!

SASP postgrad students,

@SPSPnews is currently accepting applications for the 2023 Summer Institute for Social and Personality Psychology (SISPP). 100 pre-doctoral psych students will immerse themselves in a psychology course of their choosing
Jul 23
Location: @OhioState

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The January 2023 issue of Journal of Personality & Social Psychology is out...

a reminder of this excellent resource by
@SocialChangeUQ & @WLouisUQ on the social psychology of collective action, including short videos explaining radicalisation and deradicalisation

full list here

Great presentation by @Tulsi_Achia: ambiguity from “manager-ally” support for diversity and inclusion is similar to outright denial in terms of impact and on minority group members (lower trust, strong neg emos). Acknowledgment needed. #SASP2022 @SASPoutreach @SocialChangeUQ

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