How can social and behavioral research help policymakers and the public respond to #COVID19? @jayvanbavel shares insights from his efforts to curate the most relevant science on public health, safety messaging, and more.

"Solidarity is a huge predictor of wellbeing and resilience. It's that concern for each other that's going to get us through this."
Professor @alexanderhaslam spoke to @triplejHack.
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The British Journal of Social Psychology #BJSP has published a fantastic special issue on social psychological theory and research related to #COVID19. You can read our contribution @MikeyBiddlesto1 @Ricky_Green13 and the other contributions here

How do you convey information about the coronavirus in a way that will compel people to change their behavior?

I did a brief interview with the 538 podcast on misinformation, persuasion, social norms, and leadership during the pandemic.

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