Summer School 2012

Expressions of interest for the SASP 2012 Summer School are now closed. Students who have been invited to attend the 2012 Summer School should register by Friday December 16th, 2011, by following the steps provided here.

Every second year, SASP organise a Summer School for postgraduate students who are members of SASP. The Summer School aims to provide an intensive learning and networking environment modelled on the European Social Psychology Summer School. It is a fantastic opportunity for postgraduate students from Australasia and overseas to further their knowledge and experience in social psychology and to establish strong networks with academics and postgraduate students in the area. Students work for five days with academics in one selected area of social psychology to develop their knowledge and research skills.

Summer School 2012

The 2012 Australasian Summer School in Social Psychology will be held from Friday 3rd February until Wednesday 8th February at the Moreton Bay Research Station of the University of Queensland on Stradbroke Island.

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The Summer School will provide post-graduate students with an intensive learning and networking environment, offering:

· Close collaboration with internationally respected experts;

· Strong links with other postgraduate students from universities across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US;

· Further knowledge and experience in social psychology

As in previous years, the Summer School will be kept small in size to ensure a close working environment. 30 to 36 places will be available.

Workshop Details

There will be three parallel workshop streams, with approximately 10 to 12 students per stream. These streams will be run in a fairly informal style, with an emphasis on collaboration and discussion. The workshops may focus on a particular project or experimental design, or on purely theoretical or methodological issues. Each workshop will be taught by an invited international researcher and a SASP academic. We are pleased to announce the following teachers and workshop topics:


Title of Stream

Heather Smith (Sonoma State University)

Kelly Fielding (University of Queensland)

Social Justice

Tom Postmes (University of Groningen)

Blake McKimmie (University of Queensland)

Working with Real Groups

Brian Lickel (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Tom Denson (University of New South Wales)

Interpersonal and Group-Based Emotions

Financial Details

Given the generous financial backing of SASP, the School of Psychology (The University of Queensland), and the Social and Behavioural Sciences Faculty (The University of Queensland), we are able to keep the cost of attending the Summer School to $200 per person (to be paid before arrival), to cover food and accommodation. Students are responsible for their own travel expenses to Brisbane.

Details regarding payment will be passed on once your expression of interest form has been approved.

Application Details

The expression of interest form should be completed online and submitted by the due date of October 31, 2011 for North American students applying for the SPSP travel award, and by November 15, 2011 for Australasian students.

The application should be supported by the student’s PhD supervisor. Supervisors are therefore asked to write a letter of support, explaining why they feel their student could benefit from and add to this summer school. Supervisors are asked to email their letter to Eric Vanman at , mentioning SASP and the name of the applicant supported in the subject field.

In addition to the above, students from SPSP applying for a travel award should also submit a copy of their CV and any additional supporting documentation to Eric Vanman at

The deadline for completion of the expression of interest form is October 31, 2011 for North American students applying for the SPSP travel award and November 15, 2011 for Australasian students.

All enquiries can be directed to Elise Kalokerinos and Nerisa Dozo at

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